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Big Brothers and Big Sisters Case Study

Krol Media began working with Big Brothers Big Sisters of Beaver County in the spring of 2013

to rejuvenate sponsorship support of their signature events as well as provide public relations

outreach to impact overall donations to the charity.


Both events were successful in regard to attendance; however there was a lack

of support from local businesses for sponsorship.


Krol Media instituted an email marketing campaign to target local businesses with information to educate them on details of Big Brothers Big Sisters of Beaver County while simultaneously running a strategic public relations campaign. Sponsorship sales platforms were created for each event and marketing outreach to sell packages were instituted by the Krol Media team. Sponsorship sales were ultimately successful resulting in over 150% growth in sales of both events from 2012 to 2013.


Additionally, Krol Media worked with Big Brothers Big Sisters of Beaver County to coordinate and execute a Kickin’ It Country for Kid’s Sake benefit concert at the Lincoln Park Performing Arts Center in Midland.  Band included The Stickers, Christian Beck Band and the Stoney River Boys. The success of the concert resulted in ticket sales of 300 tickets and sponsorship dollars raised in excess of $5,000.00

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