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Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank Case Study

Krol Media assisted the Greateer Pittsburgh Community Food Bank with promotion of the Taste of the NHL fundraiser from 2011-2016.

Taste of the NFL is a combination of events and online fundraising surrounding the Superbowl each year. The online fundraising portion is called  the Kick Hunger Challenge. All money raised in the name of the Pittsburgh Steelers is donated to the Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank. Krol Media has been instrumental in helping to coordinate and plan the Taste of the NFL events, as well as increasing online donations to the Kick Hunger Challenge. Some of the new ideas Krol Media has been able to implement are an online auction and a social media campaign. Krol Media has also worked closely with former Steeler Andy Russell and Chef Anthony Zallo of the Bigelow Grill to help raise awareness of these events.

•Customized Press Releases

•Targeted Media List

•Media Outreach

•Interview coordination

•Event planning and coordination

•Coverage Tracking & Reporting

•Social media

•Email marketing

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